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Become a Member

Make a yearly tax-deductible donation of at least $1,000.  One hundred percent of your $1,000 membership donation will go to fund the transformational grants that will be awarded in the spring each year. Membership funds will be awarded as Impact Grants.  We are a 100% volunteer organization.

Member Involvement

Once you join, your level of involvement is entirely up to you. You can simply join and cast your vote at the annual Grant Award Celebration, or you can become actively involved on any number of committees.

Volunteer committees conduct thorough assessments of the grant applicants and put forth finalists. The entire membership meets to hear presentations by each of the finalists and votes to select the grant recipients at the annual Grant Award Celebration.

One woman, one vote.

Membership in Impact 100 Boston is a one-year commitment. Memberships are renewed on an annual basis.  



Impact 100 Boston Juniors

Impact 100 Boston is extending its affiliation to 8th grade girls and young women up to 21 years old who are interested in giving back to their communities and learning about the world of philanthropy.  Impact 100 Boston Juniors can assist in many ways throughout the annual grant process.  They will meet several times a year as a group, attend the Kick-Off meeting in January and assist with the annual Grant Awards dinner each May.  Junior fee is a donation of $200 due each grant year. Our Junior girls must have a parent or sponser who is a member of Impact 100 Boston.  


  • Current female 8th grade student

  • Young women up to 21 years

  • Student must raise 100% of her own $200 donation

  • Parent or sponser must be a current member of Impact 100 Boston


  • Exposes young women to the world of philanthropy

  • Gives young women an opportunity to serve a nonprofit charitable organization

  • Junior affiliates will meet several times a year as a group

  • Participation at Annual Kick-Off Celebration

  • Assistance at Annual Grant Awards Dinner

  • Introduces young women to the many non-profit organizations making a difference in our community